ATV Rules

ATV Rules for Ouachita National Forest

ATVs are available for rent Please check the “Area Attractions” Page for ATV rentals. You can also bring your own ATVs to the cabin in Broken Bow.

Recreational ATV riding is no longer permitted on Three Rivers Wildlife Management Areas.

Off-highway vehicle (OHV) – OHVs include ATVs, 4-wheelers, utility vehicles and motorcycles. OHVs may be used on open unpaved National Forest roads constructed for regular motor vehicles. A road is considered closed if there is a sign, gate, or other barricade, including a dirt mound, blocking the road. Prior illegal OHV use does not imply permission to ride off the open road. So, just because someone else went around or over that dirt mound that is closing the road doesn’t mean you should do the same. You will receive a fine. OHV use is not permitted on the forest floor (off-road).Do not ride on or across a highway.

OHVs are not allowed on trails designated solely for other uses, including hiking, mountain biking, and equestrian use. Driving in or beside streambeds, creek beds, lakebeds, shorelines, or on power lines, pipelines, fire lines, or railroad right-of-ways is prohibited.

Make sure your vehicle is in good condition with a USDA approved spark arrester.

Use appropriate safety gear – helmet (required by Okla. Law for those under 18 years), eye protection, boots, and gloves.

Passengers may not be carried unless specifically designed for this by the manufacturer. (Okla Law)Obey speed limit of 25mph. When encountering horse riders, stop and yield the right-of-way. Horses may be spooked by motorized vehicles.You can consume beer, wine or liquor as long as you are not riding or driving. Drivers may not be intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol while driving.

Remember, “pack it in, pack it out.” Do not litter.

The Reason for the Rules:Heavy or irresponsible OHV use can wreak havoc on the environment. It can damage watersheds, destroy habitats, kill native plant and animal species, and pollute streams and rivers.

To help preserve these resources and the continued opportunities for you to enjoy using your vehicle on public lands, we ask that you observe the guidelines listed above and report violations.There are other rules and regulations for the Three Rivers Management Area under the management of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. Phone: (918) 527-5308For more information, please call the Oklahoma Ranger District at (580) 494-6402. ATV riding is not permitted at the cabin.

Located in southeastern Oklahoma this is mostly open timber land that is owned by the Weyerhauser Co. There are hundreds of miles of connecting roads that range from pig trails to hard packed gravel, between these are all types of trails. Terrain ranges from mountains to muddy bottoms.

For the latest information on access and maps of this area
contact the Weyerhauser Company at (580) 835-2336.